Monday, May 18, 2020


I hear I'm supposed to write about my experience.  What to say honestly.  Videos and pictures should cover most of our experience.  We have plenty of that to go around, mostly of the kiddos.

The kids seem to be taking it well.

I have not yet lost my job.

Income is decreased now by about a quarter. 

Also, I got a new job working in the Crisis Stabilization Unit in a local hospital ER.

The kids are ok.  Both are out of school/daycare.

I fear for their social development.  I worry that somehow this is all going to go sideways and the kids will be social awkward or some such thing.

Work is ok.  Clinic life is killing me a little with all this Zoom bull shit. 

Not too happy about Zoom, I miss seeing people in person. 

Having to stand 6 feet from people and wear a mask is difficult.  People scowl at you if you get too close.  It's kind of funny.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

South Beach


I have been accepted to the --- School of Medicine!  So since my last post, I have moved to the beach! My cats are adjusting, I think well enough. I'm a little worried about Kieksters, cause she was always looking out the window at the squirrels in Tampa. Now there are no squirrels for her to look at.

Otherwise, I suppose it will all go well.  Thinking of living in South Beach... Although I'd prefer going to Kings Beach in Tahoe!

You know, living out here in the midwest, I sometimes wonder what it might be like to travel to Lake Tahoe!

It has been on my bucket list a while now, and me thinks we may go out there for a ski trip, or even for summer vacation

I've been looking into airbnb as an option...


Sunday, October 18, 2015

Finally, nice weather

It's Funny how nice weather can really turn Your attitude around. I Was in a bad mood last week, and now I'm super happy. Granted, it could just be that I am no longer working nights.  Regardless, i am looking Forward to doing some Serious yard work in the cooler weather.

On the other hand I am super excited to return to the land of the living and never in my life will I work nights again... good riddens!


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Pink Eye

Seriously, the day care thing is killing me.  Both my wife and I work and we have no family in the area, so we have to take our kid to day care. Well half the time he seems to catch something at the daycare and then they send him home.

So not only do we spend half our time at home, not working... we pay for the full month of the day care.

I don't like this arrangement one bit.

Plus they throw a fit when he is just mildly sick.  I struggle to not roll my eyes at them when I pick him up.  Yea ok, pink eye... oh whats that?  Its going around your entire daycare?  Good, congrats, you're the problem.  Let all the kids get it and be over it... seriously, not a big deal.

Ok, end rant.

On another note my kid is being super cute and smiling at the doggies... awe.  Makes it worth it I suppose.  Work sucks anyway no?

I'd love to work for myself and not "the man".


Sunday, October 11, 2015

You can't handle the truth

Wow, every time I see this movie I think to myself, hey you've already seen it... Boring.

Then I start watching it, and damn what a good movie!!

Can't get over it, just love the story and the acting.

Today I am grateful...

For stuff...

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Damn dogs

I have no idea how, but my dog is an acrobat.

She can jump over a fence that is 5 feet tall.  I thought I made it high enough that she'd not be able to get over it.

So she climbed under it.

I then blocked the bottom so she couldn't get under it.

So she figured out how to climb the fence.

That's right.  She climbed the freaking fence, skillfully using a bush next to it as a foot stool.

I'm headed back to home depot.  Time to get more wood, and a saw to cut down that bush.

Today I am grateful...

For my dogs, for keeping me on my toes, and successfully getting me out of the house!